Trip Checklist

Planning a fishing trip can be an exciting adventure, but it is important to be prepared with the right equipment and supplies. A.J.'s Great Spirit Charter understands the importance of having the necessary items to make your fishing experience successful. Here is a breakdown of what we provide and what you need to bring for your fishing trip.

What’s Included:

  • All fishing gear & bait
  • Adult PFD’s (Personal Floatation Device)
  • Please Note: Children 12 & under are required to wear a PFD at all times while onboard the vessel and this is YOUR responsibility to produce before boarding.

 What You Need to Bring:

  • NH FRESHWATER FISHING LICENSE.  Purchase online here or at any local tackle store near you.  Please Note: All anglers (16+) are responsible to obtain fishing licenses prior to the trip and must possess and present at the time of boarding.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Rain gear if needed
  • Appropriate clothing and rubber soled shoes
  • Alcohol is permitted but please drink in moderation while onboard
  • A small cooler for your catch if you intend to keep fish, all legal fish may be kept at the client’s discretion.  Please Note: Due to State of NH regulations, we DO NOT offer fish cleaning or filleting as all fish must leave the waters of NH with the head and tail intact.
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